April 14, 2012

Recovery-Day 3


Ashlyn slept great last night and my husband and I got 11 hours of sleep! Thank you Lord! I was emotionally and physically exhausted after yesterday, and I had a few meltdowns. Ashlyn had a rough day and screamed all day. It feels horrible that I can't take away Ashlyn's pain and discomfort and I feel so helpless. Her recovery process is going s.l.o.w.l.y.

Despite the crying and screaming episodes, Ashlyn did make some progress yesterday. She drank some more fluids and finally at a few Teddy Grahams last night! She no longer has a fever and her heart rate is normal! We were able to take Ashlyn for a little walk around the pediatric floor which helped to calm her down.

We celebrate the little things at this point, like wet diapers and eating one Teddy Graham.

Today's plan is for Ashlyn to keep eating and drinking, take out the IV, and start physical therapy. If she has a good day, the doctor said we MIGHT be discharged tomorrow!!

Go, Ashlyn, go!

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Sarah said...

Isn't amazing how the human body heals itself?! It's hard to fathom that she can go from brain surgery to home in less than a week! Praise God that she is slowly but surely healing and I'm praying the surgery was a complete success. Praying for you too!