April 11, 2012

Post Op Report

Dr. Fuchs, the neurosurgeon, was very pleased with how the surgery went. He said it was a very necessary surgery because when he made the incision, her brain was bulging out. Crazy! The doctor was successful at doing everything he wanted to do and completed the dura patch.

New info:

dura - thick outer layer covering the brain and spinal cord

duraplasty - surgical procedure where a patch is sewn into the dura

graft - material, or tissue, surgically implanted into a body part to replace or repair a defect

This part of surgery was necessary to make more space for Ashlyn's brain. There are different ways to create a patch and so I asked Dr. Fuchs what he used. He used a piece of the outer covering of a human heart!! WHAT!!?? That is amazing!! Sorry if this sounds pretty graphic. So, we are extra grateful for the donor for the new patch inside of Ashlyn's head! I'm not sure who to thank, but Thank You!

There are the main detail from our post op report with the neurosurgeon. We are so glad that it went well. Thank you Lord!

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CG said...

Wow, I have never heard of a human heart being used. Mine is made out of a Cow's heart. I hope she continues to do well xx