January 22, 2013


Ashlyn met with the developmental specialist and he was very please with her progress!  When Ashlyn was first referred to the specialist when she was about 14 months old, she was behind in her physical and speech milestones by over 6 months.  She has now caught up to other kids her age!!  The doctor does not need to see Ashlyn again unless we have concerns!!

Wahooo!!!  So proud of you, Ashlyn!!  Keep fighting kiddo!!

January 11, 2013

Glasses for Strabismus

Ashlyn's eye continues to cross and the doctors are still unsure if it is related to Chiari or not.  The eye doctor thinks it is probably related, the neurosurgeon doesn't think it is a result of Chiari.  

The eye doctor has seen some improvement with Ashlyn's eye so she wanted to try glasses before doing surgery.  Ashlyn's vision is good but the glasses will help to align her eyes.  They are like really strong bifocal lenses so it might take Ashlyn a little while to adjust to them.  Either way, she looks super cute with her new glasses!