April 12, 2012

Recovery-Day 1


We have seen some improvement today! While I was skyping with my parents, Ashlyn opened her eyes as she responded to their voices. She was trying to gaze through her swollen eye lids to look at the computer. It was a really great moment! She drank a half cup of juice and cried a little. She touched her head and said her first word in two days... "owww!" and then was back to sleep for about 5 more hours.

For the most part, Ashlyn just wants to be left alone. She either wants to sleep in the crib or be held while she snoozes. She gets pretty upset when the nurses mess with her.

The doctors are still monitoring her heart rate as it is still elevated, but it seems to be going down a little so that is great news! Ashlyn has a slight fever that comes and goes, so the docs are keeping their eye on that too.

Ashlyn's sisters, Mariah and Ambria, came up to visit this afternoon. Ashlyn tried to open her eyes in response to their voices as they sang to her. It was so sweet!

Ashlyn was also moved out of ICU!! Yay!! Thank you Lord! She still has monitors on but only one IV now.

She was awake for about a half hour, drank some more juice, and then back to sleep.

It has been a pretty quiet day and we are hoping for a quiet night too...

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