April 11, 2012

8:45am-Surgery Day

Ashlyn did pretty good this morning. She was grumpy from being woken up early, but she didn't have too many meltdowns due to hunger or thirst. She only asked for "nack" and "juuuice" a few times.

The nurses were great with her and tried to keep her smiling.

We met with the neurosurgeon right away and he marked the back of Ashlyn's head where he will do the incision. We also met with the team of anesthesiologists that will be beside Ashlyn the whole surgery.

I was able to walk with Ashlyn to the OR and hold her while she got her first round of anesthesia. I held her tight and sang her favorite song "This Little Light of Mine" until she fell asleep.

Now we wait to get the "Start Call" saying that the surgeon has started....

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