June 27, 2012

Try, Try, Again

This past Monday, Ashlyn was scheduled for a post op MRI (her 3rd MRI), and usually, the hardest part is denying her food and drink prior to the scan.

This time was no different.  We tried our best to distract Ashlyn and not talk about food or even let her see sippy cup.  Right away, the nurses and doctors were aware of Ashlyn's anxiety and gave her some meds to help calm her.  It worked wonders and she was very relaxed and didn't even squirm when they placed her IV.  Yay!

This time around, the doctor wanted to try a sedation medication called Dex (if I remember correctly) because last time, she woke up right at the end of the scan and they wanted to make sure that she stayed asleep this time.  This type of sedation could be administered by IV and they could keep giving her the meds throughout the scan.

Well, Ashlyn got all set up for the scan and in less than 2 minutes, she woke up.  They had to stop the scan.  I consoled Ashlyn.  They increased her sedation medication.

Ashlyn fell back asleep and they started the scan again.  In less than 2 minutes all the doctors and nurses came back in because Ashlyn's oxygen levels were dropping to 83%.  They stopped the sedation, gave Ashlyn an IV to flush the meds, and put her on oxygen.  The doctor felt that she was stable with the help of oxygen and we could try the scan again even though they stopped the sedation meds.  Well, that didn't work.  Ashlyn woke up in less than a minute.

No luck.  (And of course Ashlyn slept like a rock for FIVE hours after that).

I am bummed.  I was looking forward to this appointment so we could compare before and after MRI's and talk to Dr. Fuchs about concerns regarding Ashlyn.  Not only that, but I'm sad that Ashlyn had to go though all that for nothing.  Now we need to repeat the process.  Ugh.

We did meet with the neurosurgeon but he couldn't say much because he didn't have the MRI to look at.  Darn.  We are hoping to schedule another MRI closer to home and then have a phone conversation with Dr. Fuchs.

So, we didn't get any answers.  It was a long trip for nothing, but I guess that is how it goes sometimes. Ashlyn is our little fighter and she fought her way through the MRI.  She is our 18 pound Heavy Weight Champion that just won't quit.

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