July 9, 2012


We just returned from an almost two week vacation to see family and friends.  It was much needed.  It was great to see family that we hadn't seen since before Ashlyn's surgery.  It was comforting.

The changes in surrounding and people was difficult on Ashlyn.  She had a rough time adjusting, and walking in unfamiliar places proved to be difficult.  At home, she is familiar with steps, inclines, and cracks, but new areas are challenging.  Ashlyn wasn't fond of the pool or the beach, and at the beach, she cried most of the time.  This was frustrating for all of us since we were at the pool for 4 days and then at the beach for four days.  Not to mention all the friends and family that wanted to see Ashlyn, but she wasn't having it.

Despite this, the trip was ok.  The two older girls had a blast and Ashlyn did have SOME fun.  Here are a few rare pics of her smiling.

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