June 16, 2012

Eye Surgery

Ashlyn went to the eye doctor yesterday and we discussed her strabismus (eye crossing) and problems with depth perception.  Ashlyn was referred to an eye doctor when she was 4 months old because her left eye was crossing a little.  Since then, we have tried patching Ashlyn's eye and also eye drops but her eye still turns in at random times.

We noticed problems with Ashlyn's depth perception a few months ago when she started sitting down to step over cracks and ducking through doorways.  We aren't sure if this contributes to Ashlyn's coordination, but my guess is that it would be difficult to walk without a good sense depth perception.

Ashlyn's eye doctor feels that she needs eye surgery.  Obviously the hope is that this will help both the strabismus and her depth perception.  The surgery will be about an hour and a half long and the doctor will perform surgery on both eyes.  At this time, we have not set a date for the procedure, but we will probably wait a few months.

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