July 25, 2012

Random Updates

Ashlyn's crying episodes have tapered off a little, so that makes life better for everyone.  Her walking seems a lot more fluid and she seems to be falling less and less.  Ashlyn also isn't choking as much.  Overall, she is making BIG strides!  Hooray!!

Since her post op MRI wasn't successful a few weeks ago, she FINALLY  got rescheduled for her post op MRI.  Ashlyn will have her post op MRI next week.  I'm hoping and praying that this one goes well.

Ashlyn meets with the developmental specialist later this week.  We haven't seen this doctor since BEFORE she was diagnosed with Chiari.

Ashlyn seems to be having some issues with sensory type stuff, which has always seemed to bother her, but now it seems more pronounced.  She doesn't like sand, water, grass, and other textures and she will say "ow" when she touches them.  Bath time is rough and almost seems painful for her.  Loud noises are a sure trigger for anxiety and her "escape" is to say "nigh, nigh" (night, night) and want to go to bed and/or hide her face.  She also does this for unsafe situations or things that make her uncomfortable.  All this sensory processing stuff is new for me so I have a lot to learn.  I'm interested to see what the developmental specialist has to say about it.

I am thinking Ashlyn is about finished with physical therapy (hooray!!) but the next step is probably some occupational therapy.  One step at a time...

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Rebecca said...

Neil & I are praying...we love your family.