October 11, 2012

6 Months Post Op

I can't believe it has been six months since Ashlyn's Chiari decompression.  I have thought a lot about those days sitting in the hospital and attempting to sleep on the hard floor while Ashlyn screamed in pain, nurses and doctors trying their best to comfort her.

I'm still not sure how I/we got through these days, other than we serve a big God!  I was in such an "autopilot mode" and tried my best to stay strong for Ashlyn, all while needing to be the best advocate for her. 

Truthfully, some days, I grieve this whole process, as reality hits of what Ashlyn and we had to go through just six short months ago.  I was strong then, but some days I feel weak now as I reminisce about those days of my baby daughter having brain surgery.  It was hard.  I wasn't able to feel emotions then, as I had on my "strong face" but now since time has elapsed, emotions are starting to flow a little.  I'm not sure if this is normal, or what other parents go through, or what the technical term is, but this is how I feel.

On a happier note, Ashlyn is doing wonderfully!!  Many people have commented on her progress and we celebrate her growth and development!  Her hair is starting to grow back (as seen in the picture) but she is too quick on her toes for me to get a better picture of her scar.  We cherish each step, smile, word, and giggle!

Yay, Ashlyn!!  Keep fighting, kiddo!

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