September 17, 2012

Eye Surgery Postponed

Ashlyn had her appointment with the eye doctor last week and I was prepared to hear a surgery date.  However, the doctor wants to wait a little longer in hopes that her eyes will straighten out without surgery.  We are back to using eye drops three times a week--they are similar to a strong dilation in her strong eye, which makes her use her weak eye more.  We will try this once again and hope that it helps.

I guess this is good and bad news.
Good, that Ashlyn might not need eye surgery!!  Awesome!!
Bad, that if we don't see improvement, she will need eye surgery, thus delaying the process.  At this point, I am thinking, lets just get 'er done and be done with surgeries and I will feel like we can move on a little bit.

So, for now, we will just not think about surgery and put our worries on the shelf.

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