March 12, 2015

Three Year Post Op Appointment

Hello THREE Year post op appointment!!

We traveled to Duke Children's Hospital to meet with Ashlyn's neurosurgeon, Dr. Fuchs.  Ashlyn did really well for the check up and they did a full neurological exam.

We expressed our concerns of headaches, choking, and eyes being dilated (as well as what Ashlyn's pediatric opthamologist had said).  Dr. Fuchs thought that Ashlyn should get get another MRI with flow study to check things out.

I'm not too worried...yet.  I think the scan will look ok and I will be surprised if anything shows up.  She hasn't had an MRI for three years so it will be nice to see the scan to make sure everything looks the way it should.

We will go back to Duke in May for the MRI and then we will meet with Dr. Fuchs after the scan.

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