February 18, 2015


I've been observing a few Chiari symptoms lately.  I'm not sure if they are symptoms or just side effects of the Chiari.

Ashlyn has been starting to have headaches.  I'm not sure if this is new or she is just able to tell us now that her head hurts.  She says the pain is in the back of her head.  They are random and not related to time of day, being tired, or strenuous activity.  One night she went to bed and said she had a headache and she woke up the next day and told me that she still had a headache.  They aren't "scream her head off, bang her head" kind of pain, but it makes me raise an eyebrow.  I know, headaches happen, but when your child has Chiari, things are different.

Ashlyn has been gagging/choking 1/2x a day on her saliva.  She's choked on raw carrots as well and now she is scared to eat them.

Ashlyn's eyes have been dilated about 80% of the day.  Weird.  Her eyes have also been crossing a little more.  Symptom or side effect, I don't know.

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