April 11, 2014

TWO Year Brain Surgery Anniversary!

Well, another year has passed since that dreaded surgery day! We are beyond happy to report that Ashlyn continues to do well since her surgery!  We have seen so much growth and improvement in so many of her original symptoms.

Although we are happy with our decision to follow through with Dr. Fuch's surgery recommendation, it only takes a split second for me to remember the flood of emotions.  Scheduling a surgery date, the waiting room, the pre op, the nurses, the smells, Ashlyn's shrill cry of pain, sleeping on the hospital floor, the flood of prayers, the tears, Dr. Fuchs, ICU, surgery morning, singing to Ashlyn in the operating room during her first round of anestesia, Ashlyn's hosptial gowns, walking around the children's floor, hospital food.... and on and on.  It is almost a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for me, and as time goes by, Ashlyn heals and we heal.

We are grateful for Dr. Fuchs and his team, along with all the prayers and support from family and friends!

Again, we are glad that Ashlyn did have brain decompression for her Chiari Malformation!  We continue to hope that she has lasting results from the surgery, and we continue to celebrate all of Ashlyn's growth and healing!  

Here is a pic of Ashlyn with Dr. Fuchs, her pediatric neurosurgeon at Duke Children's. 

Stay tuned for a post regarding some EXCITING news!!...

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