March 7, 2014

Two Year Post Op at Duke

Ashlyn had her TWO year post op at Duke!  Since we live 4 hours away from Duke, we stayed in a hotel the night before Ashlyn's appointment.  She was very excited to sleep at a hotel and go swimming!

Ashlyn went through a full neurological exam, but no MRI.  We had a few concerns that we wanted to discuss: her eye muscles not improving, the interior suture that tried to surface last fall, swallowing issues, and Ashlyn complaining of her legs falling asleep.  Dr. Fuchs discussed these concerns with us and told us what to look for in the future, or symptoms worsening.  He doesn't want to do another MRI unless her symptoms get a lot worse and she complains of headaches.

Overall, Ashlyn did VERY well and passed with flying colors!  We don't have to go back for one year!

Here are a few pics from her appointment:

Ashlyn said, "The scale says I'm getting stronger!"

Getting taller!

The arm squeeze.

The ride home.  Exhausted.

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