March 15, 2013

MRI Comparison

This is Ashlyn's MRI with Chiari Malformation with a herniation of 10mm.  Very little spinal fluid is flowing into the spinal cord.  As you look at the image, you can see the brain sinking into the spinal cord.

This is Ashlyn's MRI after she had Chiari Decompression Surgery.  The portion toward the top of the image (kinda looks like a white triangle) is where the brain was pushed up, so the spinal fluid could flow freely.  The top vertebrae was also removed and a dura patch was inserted.
So, these scans might look foreign to many people and it is difficult to explain without being able to literally point out the differences, but it is a MAJOR improvement!  The post op MRI looks fantastic!


holli said...

I have a question? The gray areas in her spinal canal it as lack of spinal fliud? I know it should be all white. I am trying to find out because my son's mri has back areas in the spinal canal. You daughter is the closest one I found to his!! My oldest son has chiari 1 , syringomyelia, hydrosephlys, 16 chiari related surgeries.

Jamie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! The white is the spinal fluid and the gray is blocking it (on top MRI). Not exactly sure about the gray further down the canal. She had a pre syrinx before surgery.