February 18, 2013


Proudly presenting the newest graduate from Occupational Therapy: Ashlyn Hope!!

What does this mean??  Ashlyn has completed her goals for occupational therapy: her sensory processing has improved, her feeding issues have improved, her fine motor skills are great, and her difficulty "moving through space" has improved.  Awesome!!

What this also means: We do not need to go back to the Children's Hospital for the neurologist, the developmental specialist, the physical therapist, or the occupational therapist!!  Whoa!!  Ashlyn has made major strides (pun intended)!!  She just learned to walk one year ago (at almost 20 months).

We said our good-byes to the therapists, the receptionists, and many others that we have made friends with over the past year or so.  It was a little bitter/sweet as we walked out those doors for the last time.

So, so, so proud of Ashlyn!

Up next: in a few weeks we have Ashlyn's one year post-op appointment with the neurosurgeon at Duke.

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