May 19, 2012


When I'm not looking, Ashlyn is up to no good...

In reality though, we are secretly celebrating that Ashlyn climbed on the table. :)  This is a GOOD thing when Ashlyn has been in physical therapy for six months, working on leg tone and climbing, etc.  This means progress.

I love Ashlyn's "oh no, I got caught" look on her face!

Shhh, don't tell Ashlyn that we were proud of her. :)

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Kelly Hunt said...

Hi Jamie, thanks so much for reaching out to me through your blog! Your daughter Ashlyn is absolutely adorable! It was very helpful reading through your blog especially the days following her decompression surgery. We are not quite a week out yet from our son's decompression surgery and Nolan is experiencing a lot of the same things that you described that Ashlyn experienced- the waking up multiple times during the night, fussiness, etc. It also seems that both our kids are/have bounced back pretty quickly after surgery!
As for the surgery itself, it sounds like both of their surgeries consisted of the same procedures as well which it seems is quite the debate in the Chiari world. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you again for reaching out and I will keep your daughter in my prayers that she would continue to thrive, enjoy life, and have no further issues or surgeries.
Kelly Hunt (Nolan's mommy)