January 31, 2012

A Few Steps Forward

A few steps forward:

**Ashlyn is walking!! She is 19 1/2 months now and has been exploring her new skill. (She can walk straight too, unlike the video where she just wanted to walk in circles). We are excited to celebrate this milestone with Ashlyn and the older sisters are so proud of her!

**She also went back to her specialist (the doctor that diagnosed her with Global Developmental Delays) and he said she has progressed two months in development! She is now at a 11/12 month level. We also celebrate this, as she is making progress with her development!
**She is really starting to exercise her language and baby babble. It is too darn cute to hear her try to repeat sounds. I am still waiting to hear "mama."

A few steps back:

**Ashlyn's strabismus (eye crossing) has reappeared so she is back on eye drops to help correct the problem.
**One of her doctors also found some deformity in her toes. We are not sure at this time about this new found issue. It could correct itself, or not.
**Despite Ashlyn's progress, three out of three of her doctors still have some concerns so they are recommending her to get an MRI. Ashlyn favors her left side, which just could mean she is a lefty or there is more of an underlying problem. The doctors want to see if she had a stroke, either in the womb or after delivery. They want to make sure there was not a brain hemorrhage. She is scheduled to get her MRI next week. Am I scared? A little. Am I worried? A little.

Her little cutie patootie smile and expressions keep us upbeat, and we are grateful for her progress thus far! Ashlyn is such a blessing to our family!

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